Azak Tool Tecnologies Inc. established in 2018 by Ağır Haddecilik Inc., is starting the production of HSS Circular Saw Blades and becoming the first in Turkey.

By the products, which will be produced by our latest technology and full automation system, we will breathe new life into cutting Industry with the 33 years experienced in iron and steel ındustry.


    One of the most important processes is heat treatment plant and pvd coating process which affect quality and cutting performance of HSS circular saw blades. With this awareness, Azak Tool Technologies Inc. has made the necessary investment to carry out all the processes at production in its own facility. In addition, the plant has the latest technology quality control laboratory to control all processes of production to prove that quality is not a coincidence.

    Azak Tool Tecnologies Inc. which is prepared to reveal its first part of products to the market at the 2019, furthermore will be able to respond your special requests about hss circular saw blades and besides, hardened disc, coated disc, uncoated disc and so on, with the competitively and excellent cost performance.

    Our target is  providing to get lower your costs in your works, high performance and maximum efficiency as your solution partner. We are assertive about being the leader of the market with principles of honesty and quality.

    We identify important variables in both material and machine conditions as analyzing of cutting operations with our costumers. By determining the appropriate HSS Circular Saw in the direction of the determinations, we reduce production costs and increase performance by avoiding secondary operations.

    Azak Tool Technologies creates its programme, with addition of value for Turkey and for the World, has been proceeding to produce with appreciation of social values and environmental aspects. It shall continue to create lasting values and to produce without compromising of its values of the company as reliable, honest, environment-friendly, valuing the people, appreciating advancement and innovation.

    We provide all the processes at our own facilities by working with specialists and innovative, environmentally friendly production technologies, We can provide the technical support for advanced HSS Circular Saws and their effective using, as following the latest developments in machine and metallurgy technology.

    Azak Tool Technologies INC. attaches importance to education and technological investments in order to provide higher production efficiency for its customers. With this technical staff and technological flair, the quality and productivity standards will be continuously increased in this direction.