HSS circular saw blades are coated with PVD coating method using different alloying elements on the cutting surface in order to improve their technical characteristics and to improve their performance. PVD  (physical vapor deposition) Production of PVD partially ionized metal vapor, it is a method of forming metal-based hard coatings by reacting with certain gases and forming a thin film having a certain composition on the saw. The process is carried out under high vacuum conditions. The process effects in 250-450℃. Coating thickness varies between 2-5 µm. The advantages of pvd coating for hss circular saw are as follows:
    High hardness
    Long lifetime
    Thin film thickness
    Chemical stability (acid and corrosion protection)
    Low friction coefficient
    Edge sharpness protection
    Lack of hardness loss
    Homogenous coating
    High quality
    Reasonable price and  short delivery time